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NJYRA Club of the Year

The NJYRA Club of the Year is an annual award to a member club to recognize that club who has supported NJYRA in furtherance of its purposes and objectives. The recipient will be the member club with the highest point total.

(How points are Awarded)

Thee activities that contribute to the point total are:

  1. Faye Bennet Award for Contributions to Junior Sailing
    • 5 points to the club of a recipient of the award
    • 2 points to the club nominating a recipient
  2. NJYRA Race Management Award (Waggoner Trophy)
    • 5 points to the club receiving the award
    • 2 points to a club submitting an application
  3. Hosting a NJYRA Championship or Area Event
    • 2 points to the club hosting
  4. US Sailing Certified Judges and Race Officers
    • 1 point for each certified judge or race officer in a member club
  5. NJYRA Officers and Committee Chairs
    • 3 point for each officer and each active committee chair designated by the Commodore
  6. NJYRA Meeting Attendance
    • 1 point for each meeting attended
  7. Hosting a NJYRA Seminar, Instructor Training, Regional Sailing Symposium, Safety-at-Sea Program or other event approved by the Executive Committee
    • 2 Points for each event
The Winners
2016Shrewsbury Sailing and Yacht Club
2015Sandy Hook Bay Catamaran Club
2014Shrewsbury Sailing and Yacht Club